Gold Adornments and other stories


‘Emma Kittle-Pey has a way of scratching beneath the surface of everyday interaction. She picks out the key details of ordinary events which reveal new meanings.’

Sarah Armstrong

‘A fascinating collection of stories in which we observe humanity through everyday lives. Beautifully observed.’

Elaine Redford

‘Emma puts her observational and listening skills into words in these short stories that no doubt many readers will be able to relate to on different levels. My personal favourite, The Little Green Lamp, fab!’

C. Anderson

‘I loved this collection of stories. The author writes with a clear voice and the stories are well crafted. The characters seem so alive. Highly recommended.’

Amazon Customer


In these short and often witty vignettes and stories, Emma Kittle-Pey delves below the surface of the everyday, exposing the extraordinary way we deal with the reality of home, work and human interaction. Through her unique observation, Emma reflects on the ways in which ordinary people adapt and deal with the fundamental changes taking place in the wider political and economic climate, and survive.

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