Fat Maggie and other stories


‘…this collection of stories, tales … displays a high level of literary ability, deep curiosity, and engaging self-awareness… The stories have a really mature clarity and plainness, a simplicity that’s never simplistic’

Glyn Maxwell

‘Powerful, subtle and ambitious stories which develop carefully from well-observed details into rich inhabitable worlds.’

Phil Terry

‘Emma’s stories are spare, in touch with the common world, while having a poetic and witty subtext. Her fiction retains its seeming lightness of tone, but often touches on the moral issues of the everyday and the subtleties of caring and loyalty. You feel that you are in company with a sharp intelligence, which has a calm goodness and a wry humour at its heart.’

Adrian May

This was my first collection of stories, published with Patrician Press in 2013, re-issued in 2017.

The Fat Maggie tales and The Hide were inspired by fairy tales and myths and the workshops led by Marina Warner. Room 15 emerged from Oulipo exercises with Phil Terry. Evening Shift, Living with Grandma and Suzie does as she pleases were workshopped during Adrian May’s creative writing workshops.